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She had a good point. From her perspective, it was a selfish request on my part. From the larger perspective, however, I viewed it as a selfless journey to undertake. I thought of it as sacrificing my own personal comfort for the sake of the greater good. Rather than staying at home with my girlfriend and participating in all the activities we love, we would be going overseas to help the planet. Change up your old casement windows or aliminim windows for some beautifully modernised sash windows!

By planting trees all over Europe, we would be providing a healthier environment for generations to come. Traveling and reforesting the planet was never something I was focused on for personal gain. Rather, I wanted to make our planet a better place for my future children and build a company that would support them. It was a perfect example of how two people could see the same situation from completely different perspectives.

That relationship ended badly, and I was crushed at the time. Now, however, I see where its dissolution was a blessing, because we didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of similar issues. Our perspectives were vastly differently in many ways.

I ended up going on that trip and doing some incredible work that contributed greatly to the health of our planet. One hundred years from today, entire communities will benefit from those trees I planted. Also, many hardworking individuals will have earned a good income from the jobs I helped to create while I was there.

Ultimately, I made the decision that I needed to be a little selfish in my personal life to act more holistically selfless. Long ago, I decided my mission was to plant more trees than one of my personal idols, Teddy Roosevelt. That goal isn’t a selfish one; it’s a part of a calling I feel like I’ve been given by a higher power. I understand that goal will require me to be selfish many more times in my life to create something truly amazing for future generations. That trip to Europe would contribute greatly to making that dream a reality.

My ex-girlfriend just couldn’t see the bigger picture, and that’s okay because it’s something a lot of people struggle with. Not that either one of us was necessarily right or wrong, but the situation was probably indicative of how different we really were as people.