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The goal of this program is to get you breathing for 20 minutes, twice a day, for 10 weeks. This is the protocol followed by my clients, whether they’re Olympic athletes or weekend warriors, whether they work in a stressful office or work from home (that includes all the unpaid hours of parenting), and it’s the protocol that yields the best results. Over the course of the following weeks, I’ll introduce new skills, such as letting go of stress, preparing for challenges in advance, and creating an ideal heart state on demand. With a treasure hunt you are given a treasure map, compass and clues to find your way along the route.

Every week there will be an Action Plan — a sort of homework “prescription.” It will always be based on a foundation of two 20-minute breathing sessions per day, the last segment of which will integrate the specific theme or skill presented. That means that every week, the final 5 minutes of your breathing sessions will vary.

In week 2, for instance, the last 5 minutes will center on dia­phragmatic breathing, also called belly breathing; in week 3, you’ll spend those final 5 minutes connecting to a daily stressor on the inhale and releasing it on the exhale; by week 6, you’ll end by practicing Emotional Pivoting, teaching yourself to shift from, say, irritation to love (when imagining interacting with family members), from a feeling of pressure to calmness (at work), or from fatigue to increased energy (at the end of a long and trying day). Five minutes might seem short for techniques promising such powerful effects, but I promise you these 5 minutes are strategically placed for maximum benefit.

The period immediately following resonance breathing is when your mind is most receptive to new ideas. That’s because, with regular practice, 15 minutes of resonance breathing will put you into a kind of meditative state, characterized by an increase in alpha brain waves, a sign of relaxation. Once you’re in resonance, your brain is essentially humming with evidence of parasympathetic dominance. Your subconscious becomes more permeable, allowing the week-specific technique you are practicing the chance to become hardwired.

I had one client come to me having suffered from debilitating headaches for years; she wanted to set a goal to eliminate the pain by the end of 10 weeks. She is happy to report that she was able to do so—in fact, now that she has her health back, she is using her resonance breathing to tackle additional goals for performance. I have also had clients come to me with a performance issue, but as we dive deep into their stressors, we find that they are experiencing a great deal of stress in their marriage or relationship. Many clients feel that this process helps improve their ability to perceive and connect with their partner throughout the training. I am amazed at how many people who start this process single are in the early stages of a new partnership by the tenth week of training. The time you spend breathing is an investment in your own potential. So, whatever brought you here, whatever made you pick up this book and give this program a chance, remember that the first step to optimizing your health and performing at your peak is to find 20 minutes two times a day for resonance breathing.