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Perhaps nobody epitomizes the graduating mindset better than the twenty-sixth president of the United States and personal idol of mine, Teddy Roosevelt.

For starters, Roosevelt was born with debilitating asthma. Rather than giving in to such a condition, which there would have been no shame in, he confronted it by embarking on an exceedingly active lifestyle. Find gifts for men online!

Later on, Roosevelt endured the near-simultaneous deaths of his wife and mother, as they passed within eleven hours of each other when he was only twenty-six years of age. To symbolize the effect of this tragedy, Roosevelt wrote a large X in his diary on the day this happened, followed by the heartbreaking and solemn words “The light has gone out of my life.”

Rather than continuing thoughts of despair and agony, Roosevelt dedicated his life to making a difference in the world. He graduated his mindset to achieve things few of us could even dream of. Just two years after the untimely passing of his wife and mother, Roosevelt became a member of the New York State Assembly and took on the specific challenge of battling corporate corruption. Get someone a funky toilet roll holder for their birthday!

After serving as assistant secretary of the Navy and governor of New York, Roosevelt won the election of 1901 to become president. He was reelected in the following election year and is still considered to have been one of the most successful presidents in American history. Find unusual gifts online!

Perhaps even more impressive than all his titles was Roosevelt’s achievement as an environmentalist. He established the US Forest Service and five national parks, preserved 150 million acres of land, and is accredited with planting over three billion trees!

Take a moment to think about those accomplishments. Think deeply about how Roosevelt’s life has impacted every one of us. If he hadn’t taken that first step to graduate his mindset, moved on from the devastating losses he suffered, and dedicated himself to the country he loved and the planet he wanted to protect, we wouldn’t have all those preserved sections of land to enjoy.

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